Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow Day Skillet Cookie

I found Ezra Pound Cake blog while browsing other blogs. I found this recipe on her blog. My, oh my, did it look yummy. I couldn't wait to make it! I also saw that Mommy's Kitchen made it this week, too. I made up the dough Wednesday evening and cooked it in my iron skillet while we ate dinner at my mom's on Thursday. It was sooooo good. Not that overly sweet. It was awesome with vanilla ice cream on top.
Sorry the picture of the finished product wasn't that great; I forgot to take my camera to my parents' home.

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Jennifer said...

I have this one starred in my Google Reader from Rebecca's site. I recently got my first cast iron skillet and plan to make this soon!

Thanks for posting-I'm glad to know it's a great recipe!!!!