Monday, February 15, 2010

Buca Di Beppo's Chopped Antipasto Salad

My boyfriend, Doug, took me out to dinner a while back to a restaurant called Buca Di Beppo's. It's in Fort Lauderdale along Federal Highway. I loved it! We both love the Antipasto Salad. I took my son there one afternoon. When we were hungry for the salad again, Doug and I went there again. Ate the antipasto salad but different entries. Everything was awesome again. I was very sad to find out that this branch of Buca Di Beppo's closed. Not sure why, it's always packed. There is still one in Hollywood, FL. I guess we will have to make our way to that one.

I have been hungry for the salad. Awhile ago I discovered Meemo's Kitchen. She does wonderful knock-off recipes. I decided tonight that I had to have the salad. I had found it on her site. I had to run to the grocery after work, so I picked up the necessary ingredients. It came out delicious. The Italian vinaigrette dressing I had on hand expired, so I substituted Ken's reduced fat Caesar dressing. Still tasted delish.

I made the salad with garlic toast. I also made Schwan's spicky chicken patties with Ragu and mozzerella on top. Yummers! I used Genoa salami insted of the mortadella and omitted the tomatoes. I added a few more olives. Love olives! I also omitted the gorgonzola and added a tad more feta.


10 oz. iceberg lettuce, chopped
1 oz each, diced, pepperoni, mortadella, red onions and provolone
2 oz each, diced, roma tomatoes and cucumbers
1 oz each, crumbled, gorgonzola and feta cheeses
1/2 oz chopped pepperoncini
1/2 tsp oregano
4 oz Italian vinaigrette dressing
3 whole pepperoncini
3 each black and green olives


Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl except half of the tomatoes, the whole pepperoncini, olives and dressing. Toss. Add the dressing and toss again until fully incorporated. Mound salad mixture on a chilled plat. Place the remaining amount of tomatoes around the outside of the salad. Garnish with the pepperoncini and olives.

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