Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cooking with Alicia and Annie Contest: Easy Chicken Tacos

I had looked at Tami's Kitchen Table Talk site and saw these easy crockpot tacos. It was the second time I'd seen them. I thought....hmm...they look delicious and easy. What could be better.

What a super simple recipe! Just what I need for a week night, especially scout night! My son and I loved them.


4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 package taco seasoning packet
1 cup water


Mix ingredients togehter in crockpot. cook for 6-8 hours on low.

Shred chicken with fork until evenly shredded.

Put mixture in hard or soft tortiallas. Add shreded cheese, lettuce, sour cream or whatever other ingredients you want.


Tami said...

Hey Michelle :)

Thanks for giving me a shout out for this recipe. Glad to hear that you guys liked it, too. Don't 'cha just love when something so simple comes together to make a great meal?!? I LOVE those days!

Jennifer said...

This is marked as a must try for me...it looks and sounds so easy!!!!