Sunday, February 8, 2009

Barefoot Mailman Hike and Apple Dump Cake

Yesterday and today was the annual Barefoot Mailman Hike (45th annual to be exact). It's about 35 miles of hiking from Pompano Beach to North Miami Beach. The first day is 25 miles. Everyone participating has the carry their gear on their back - tent, sleeping back, food, drinks, clothes...It's a long hike but hundreds participate. My son joined his troop this morning for the 10 mile part of it, called the Big Toe. After 9 miles, all troops meet up and get their flags out (troop and American). Everyone hikes the last 1 mile together up the beach. I drove down to Miami about noon today so I could help drive everyone home. (You know...the one with the van always drives!) We stood on the beach waiting for the troops...what a sight! From a distance you can see flags coming your way. Many, many flags. It was so awesome. Then behind the flags were all the walkers. Everyone was cheering. It was so neat to see. I was proud of our walkers from our troop.

Parade of Flags

Our troop after the hike (Jimmy is standing on far right)

When we got home, I still had to go to the store. I decided to pick up chicken wings for dinner. But, so it wouldn't seem like I was totally lazy, I made an Apple Dump Cake for dessert. This recipe is so simple. We make it a lot camping in a dutch oven over coals. You can use whatever cake mix flavor you want and pie filling. I added some walnuts to half of it.

In a 9 x 13 baking dish dump one large can apple pie filling. Sprinkle with one box of dry white cake mix over the filling. Pour 1 stick of melted butter over the cake mix.

Bake uncovered for approximately 45 minutes at 350 degrees.



Tami said...

Way to go, troops!

I know that my husband would love your dump cake. I might have to try this again. For some reason I've never had any luck with these cakes.

Michelle said...

I like it with chocolate cake and cherry pie feeling, too!

Cooking for Comfort by Jennifer said...

The apple cake looks delicious! But I would love to try the chocolate/cherry combo, too.