Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Perfection Pound Cake - TWD

As I noticed many of you are doing, I decided to start baking the recipes that have been done already this year. So many to choose from!!! What am I to do???!!! Since I seem to want to bake a lot lately (except for last night after that ice cream!) I decided on the Perfection Pound Cake mainly because I had all the ingredients! I decided to make it marbled. The recipe was very easy, just LOTS of mixing!

The cake tasted delicious, just a tad dry, but I would definitely make it again. It didn't take as long as the book said to bake. I used the smaller pan and it took about 70 minutes tops.

That's my cat, K.C. (Kitty Cat, original, huh?) laying in front of the oven while the bread was baking. He must be hungry!

Mixing and mixing

After marbling before putting in oven

The final product!


Jules Someone said...

How was the texture? Mine ended up tasty but dry.

Alwayzbakin said...

Looks yummy!! Was it good?

Mich S said...

It tasted yummy. Just a little dry, but I was happy with it. I used the smaller pan and it didn't need as long as the book said.

Anonymous said...

Your cake looks great ~ love the pictures. Your kitty is so cute :)