Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TWD: Chocolate Pudding

Monday, 7/28/08:

Yes, I know, this week's recipe is Michelle of Michelle in Colorado Springs Summer Fruit Galette, and, yes, I know this is not a week where an alternate recipe can be used.
But.....I decided to make the Chocolate Pudding that was chosen by Melissa of It's Melissa's Kitchen earlier this month. The Galette sounded awesome and my friend, Michele, made it already and told me it was "sinful" to use her words. I will make it another time. The Galette said it is best to be eaten the same day it's baked. Well, my daughter and her family went back to Kansas on Saturday and my son went with them for a week's visit, so I didn't have anyone to eat with me. Besides, I had all the ingredients for the pudding and it sounded yummy!

I didn't make the pudding until late - after my karate class and going to Wal-mart. So, I will have to wait until work in the morning to taste the pudding. I will share (I think!Brows) with everyone at work. So, even though I am technically skipping this week's TWD, I decided to still bake a recipe from Dorie's cookbook and post a blog.

I found the recipe easy to follow and not too time consuming. Since there were several steps involved and different appliances to use (food processor and stove), I was finally smart and had all my ingredients measured and set out before starting. Worked out wonderfully. It was fun using the food processor again!

I was a little worried about the mixture scorching on the stove, but, whew, it didn't! It sure came close to spilling over when adding the milk to the food processor and I had some leakage out of the bottom, but it was minimal and I got it all cleaned up. Maybe, a bigger processor would not have that problem.

Since I was taking the pudding to work, I put it into a pyrex dish instead of individual dishes. The final product before sticking in fridge:

Tuesday - The pudding is awesome! I love it and so do all my co-workers! Jolanta and I both are in agreement that we would happily take the whole bowl and eat it ourselves! I added Sugar Free Cool Whip and mini chocolate chips to the top. Yum! I want more....now!


Melissa said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I already made it 2 more times...I think I'm addicted!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this pudding ~ the best I have EVER had! I put mine in one bowl, too, and it worked great until someone left it on the counter overnight and I had to throw the rest away. Ugh.

Barbara said...

Good work with the pudding! It looks wonderful!