Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cookie Carnival: Coconut Cherry Bars

One of the selections for The Cookie Carnival this month was the Coconut Cherry Bars by Betty Crocker. I wasn't sure how I would like them even though I love cherries and coconut and nuts. I must say...they are delish! The only part about making these that I did not like was cutting the cherries..I had red fingertips for a while! But it was well worth it.

If you want to try these, go to Betty Crocker to find the recipe.

The crust after baking.


Anonymous said...

Those sound good! And looks good too! Send some over. LOL

Tiffiny Felix said...

lol...I think we all had the same problem with cutting the cherries :) But it was worth it! They were so yummy!

Vivian Thiele said...

Looks good! These bars were yummy! Glad you played along

vivian thiele

Tessa said...

The red fingertips crack me up. I always seem to end up with things like that too when I cook. The bars look great! Very delicious!